Journal of How I Want To Be

I need to go with MY gut.

I need to go with MY gut.

There was not a day that used to go by when I didn’t second guess myself before BB Ties came around. I found myself rethinking my decisions time after time again which hurt my self confidence because I started to think that my original thoughts, ideas, and decisions weren’t valuable. I started to think they weren’t worthy. Seeing this constant reminder - to “go with your gut” on my wrist everyday reminds me never to second guess myself and it brings me to the realization that I (my ideas, my thoughts, my everything) am worthy. Whenever I glance over at my wrist and see that life-altering green BB Tie on my wrist, I realize that I am valuable. I am worthy. And I should not have to alter anything about myself, whether that’s what I say, what I do, what I think, how I look - for anyone else. I need to go with MY gut.

- Written by Caitlin Williams

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