We want you to be happy

so we created trainings and simple reminders to align your core values with your daily activities so that you can feel greater joy in life.

Training Testimonials

...my training is bringing me more fulfillment already, and that will only continue to grow as I anchor to my values holistically in all areas of my life. THANK YOU!"

KateSenior Director of Sustainability @ Vail Resorts + Mom, Fulfillment Collective Training

The training gave me direction on what truly makes me happy and where to focus my energies. As a result, I got into a career that capitalizes on my strengths and also gives me great satisfaction.

DaveEditor & Children's Book Author, Uncover Your Core Values Training

Defining my values and vision enables me to evaluate each new opportunity with those in mind, meaning I only say yes to those things that will move the needle towards where I want to go.

VerityBusiness Co-founder, Mentor + Mum, Fulfillment Collective Member

Brandi's outcomes-focused approach leads to powerful results and her people-centric leadership assures an inclusive, engaged, empowered team.

Grant MullerSocial Impact Leader

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Daily Reminder Testimonials

BB Ties work! They really are perfect reminders and I find myself repeating the mantras to myself when I'm wearing them.

I love your BB Ties and am going to start giving them out to my clients! They are pretty, made of soft material and make adorable, meaningful accessories.

I like keeping the ties on my doorknob and just grabbing one in the morning to wear on my wrist for the day. I don't look at which one, I let it be a surprise.