At BB Ties, we help you find what’s missing in life to make you feel fulfilled and happy.

We do this through trainings, coaching, and simple reminders.
Unlike standard coaching or therapy, we co-create a structure with our clients called a Fulfillment Framework. This Framework outlines the client's personal identity and creates a vision for how they want to be based on their meaning and purpose. Clients then decide on supporting goals to achieve their vision, and we create a set of quarterly activities to achieve each goal. 

Once the Framework is in place, clients pursue these goals with the support of accountability tools such as weekly check-ins and coaching. We also have products, BB Ties and BB Mugs, which serve as physical reminders for clients to help them be successful in each vision. These wrap-around services result in significantly higher levels of success for clients to reach their potential and find fulfillment in life in a relatively fast amount of time. 

Our program is most impactful with individuals who are high-performers and want the most out of life. They want to be good people and do good things in the world. Most importantly, they have been trying everything they thought they should in their career and at home, and something still feels like it’s missing. BB Ties will help to fill that void and allow clients to finally feel satisfied in all areas of their life.