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BB Ties Partners with Girls in the Know

BB Ties Partners with Girls in the Know

by Claire

I am enough. We are enough. You are enough. 

This Fall, the creators of BB Ties and some of our friends and family attended the 10th annual Girls in the Know Knowledge and Power Gala. There was a dinner with different speakers that talked about the organization and its mission to make girls at any age feel confident with who they are and what they do.

The speakers really gave me a quick boost of confidence that I didn’t know I could feel. Girls in the Know’s motto,“I am enough”, convinces girls to be happy with who they are and to know that they are good enough. We gave BB Ties with their motto, "I am enough", to 250 guests and everyone was wearing them! It was such a fun experience and helped convince me that I am enough!

BB Ties has now partnered with Girls in the Know, and has provided 1,000 ties to this year's program participants. We are selling the "I am Enough" Ties, and 10% of profit will support Girls in the Know. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR "I AM ENOUGH" Tie.

Nov 21, 2019

Claire, I LOVE this and I am so happy you felt the “I Am Enough” energy at our event! I wear my bbtie everyday and I love what you have created. Intentional reminders of our worth and passion is so needed! I may need. Few extra because I share them with partners and supporters at every meeting I attend. We are honored to partner with you and bbties!!

Gina Marten

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