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Gammi's Words of Wisdom

Gammi's Words of Wisdom

"All will be well."

My Gammi, Marsha Fickenscher, started using this phrase after her husband, Papa Ed, passed away in 2012. He would frequently say “All will be well” to relieve her worry and anxiety. After time, Gammi started to use this phrase with us. So we created a BB Tie and BB Mug reminder with "All will be well" in her handwriting to bring us comfort in times of worry.

As Gammi explains, “Our world is in a place that it’s never been before. It may be different than what it was, but in time it will be better.” She goes on to say, “It makes me feel hopeful and reminds me that worry takes a lot of energy away from being positive.”

Thank you, Gammi, for always being so positive. All will be well.

 -Written by Claire Williams, granddaughter of Marsha Fickenscher

Nov 26, 2020

You have a pretty wise Gammi, Claire
(and Ed of course…). What an excellent tribute to him and to your Gammi. Well written. – Joe

Joe Dietlin

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