We know that hurdles get in the way of how you want to be. Through Positive Psychology Coaching, we partner with you to face these challenges together and unleash your potential to find greater joy in life.


Move Forward with Courage

We have a choice in how we face life decisions. We can make them alone and unequipped or with a trusted partner using tools that make our decisions based on our life's meaning. By working with a coach, you will navigate decisions with confidence knowing you have the skills and support to move forward.

Deepen your Relationships

Love starts with ourselves and then radiates to others. It's hard to build relationships without understanding what our Core Values are and how we enjoy being in this world. Through working with a trusted coach, you will uncover what matters to you in order to build relationships with others that are meaningful and supportive.

Achieve Meaningful Goals

In order to be successful in our goals, we need three things: 1) belief in our abilities, 2) goals that our aligned with our life's meaning, and 3) a trusted partner. Through coaching with BB Ties, you will establish these necessary tools to be successful in your goals and achieve long-term meaningful impact.


How long does it take?

Changing behavior and learning new skills require time. While coaching is intended to be short-term, you are invited to participate in the coaching relationship for at least four sessions. You may certainly end the coaching relationship at any time, but you should not begin the coaching process if you do not intend to invest the span of time it will take to complete four sessions in order to create meaningful change.

How much does it cost?

Fees vary based on number and length of coaching sessions per month. Coaching sessions are one-on-one and meet online virtually or via telephone. Please schedule a free complimentary coaching session to learn more about our fees.

How are Coaching and Therapy Different?

Although coaching and therapy utilize knowledge of human behavior, motivation and behavioral change, and interactive counseling techniques, they are very different activities and it is important to understand the differences between them.

The focus of coaching is development and implementation of strategies to reach client identified goals. Coaching may address a variety of topics such as work-life balance, health goals, job satisfaction, or parenting challenges. Coaching utilizes personal strategic planning, values clarification, motivational enhancement, and other counseling techniques.

The focus of therapy, on the other hand, is the identification, diagnosis and treatment of mental and nervous disorders. The goals include alleviating symptoms, understanding the underlying dynamics that create symptoms, changing dysfunctional behaviors that are the result of these disorders, and developing new strategies for successfully coping with psychological challenges.

Lastly the relationship between the coach and client differs in important ways from the psychotherapy relationship. In coaching, the client sets the agenda and the success of the relationship depends on the client’s willingness to take risks and try new approaches. The relationship is designed to be more direct and challenging. You can count on a coach to be honest and straightforward, ask powerful questions and use challenging techniques to advance you toward your goals.


Brandi gives me her full attention, spot on feedback and welcome encouragement, helping me to find my own solutions and confidence to move forward. That is really effective coaching.

Peter, Artist

Working with Brandi to examine my personal goals, identify my character strengths and articulate my weekly intentions has been really energizing. Brandi is trustworthy and nonjudgmental, and I feel completely at ease in our meetings, even when we are talking about things that can be hard to look at. I recommend Brandi wholeheartedly. Time with Brandi is time well invested in yourself!

Sara, Nonprofit Management + Mom

Meet Your Coach

Brandi Mason is a trained moderator through the World President’s Organization (WPO), and has been facilitating group forums for over 15 years. She holds a B.A. from George Washington University and has completed Certifications in Managing Teams and Managing Information through the University of Cambridge. Currently, Brandi is pursuing ICF Coaching Certification with specialties in Positive Psychology and Executive Coaching.

Prior to working for BB Ties, Brandi had been a leader in many roles including most recently as the Vice President of Global Communications for Friendship Bridge, a social enterprise that provides tools for empowerment to over 30,000 women a year in rural Guatemala. She also has a financial background working in investment banking in New York City and London. Brandi co-founded and chaired the Boulder Chamber’s Nonprofit Council, serves as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, and is a trustee for the Buechele Family Foundation. In 2015, she was named as one of BizWest Magazine's “40 under 40”.

Brandi lives in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado with her husband, two daughters, and pup, Lucky. As a mother, she believes that aligning her values with her personal, professional, and family life is the most successful way to find joy, fulfillment and a stress-free (who are we kidding?) less-stressful parenting experience.


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