MEET (Aunt) BRANDI, Founder

My name is Brandi and I had a confidence problem. My whole life I had been scared to put myself out there. As a result, I lacked the confidence needed to take risks in my career. I was constantly looking for ways to improve my life that took my attention away from being present with my kids. I would shut down in situations that made me vulnerable to judgment. And I let perfection get in the way of being happy.

It turns out that I was so disconnected from my Core Values that I forgot who I was and what was important in my life. Once I identified what my Core Values were, I needed ways to remind myself of them throughout the day.

So I created BB Ties with my nieces so we could be reminded of how we wanted to be. Since wearing these Ties, I am a completely different person. I take rewarding risks in my career, I spend quality time with my daughters and husband, and I am giving myself the time and space to make connections with my friends. I am finally happy. All it took was knowing my Core Values and reminding myself daily of how I want to be.