Who Do We Serve?

Fulfillment Collective Participants are individuals who identify as mothers. Most join when they are at a crossroads in life and seeking personal development to help navigate these transitions in order to find greater happiness. The Fulfillment Collective continues to provide resources once their transition is behind them so that they can continue to live in line with their life’s Meaning and Purpose. All mothers will find benefits from our trainings, but the moms who want to find maximum joy in each area of their life (work, family, and personal) will experience the biggest impact through this program.

What Types of Transitions?

Making life decisions as a mother can be extremely complicated and isolating. Some of the decisions we see our members face are in relation to their careers such as making a job change or getting back into the workplace. Transitions are also frequently faced at home with regard to marriages and family dynamics. Some members face transitions in their personal lives in wanting to create healthier lifestyles or find friends who they can be authentic with. All members are facing choices and the Fulfillment Collective helps them navigate these choices in an effective and efficient way that brings greater joy into their lives.

The Ripple Effect

We believe that mothers are the best point of investment. As the saying goes, "When mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy." The ripple effect of one mother's joy first spreads to her immediate family. When she’s in the workplace, her sense of fulfillment can impact her team members and clients. She can then go on to touch the lives of friends and community members. Without a doubt, whatever the state of mind a mom is in, it will most likely be shared with several others. Our mission is for that state of mind to be fulfilled, satisfied, and content so that she can feel joy and happiness which can then be spread throughout her ripple.

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