Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am one of the co-creators of BB Ties. When my aunt came to my sister and me with this business idea and opportunity, I was thrilled!! Like most of us, I struggle with self-confidence frequently. BB Ties emphasizes that boosting your confidence, your connection, your presence, and your gratitude doesn’t have to be some huge gesture. Just a simple daily reminder does the trick.

I am the oldest of four siblings, and my younger sister is also a co-creator of BB Ties. I know what girls struggle with at my age. I deal with it too! Girls are constantly worrying about getting perfect grades on tests, and being liked by a certain group of people, and staying right inside of their comfort zone when it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while! These Ties, although they’re small and simple, mean so much to me and do so much for my confidence and presence. Seeing the Tie sitting on my wrist at school brings me to take a deep breath, and relax. I am forever grateful for my Aunt Brandi for coming to my sister and I with this idea, and for being given this opportunity to really change lives with these ties!