Hello, I am Claire, one of the co-creators of BB Ties. My older sister, Caitlin, and I work with our Aunt Brandi in an effort to make people feel a difference in their confidence and presence with the help of a simple tie. 

I struggle with living in the present. I’m constantly worrying about what just happened or what I think could possibly happen in my next days or hours. Never living in the moment, and always thinking about a different time. I like to wear the “Be here now” Tie to remind myself that living in the present will make me enjoy everything 100% more.

I also struggle with believing in myself and not having the confidence other people are blessed with. I am always thinking to myself “You’re not good enough” or trying to change everything about me. Seeing “Purposeful not perfect” on my wrist helps me to remember that I am good enough and I don’t need to be perfect.

When wearing these Ties on my wrist, I feel a connection to them. They help me to take a break from the world, take a step back, and just breathe. Not even to think, just to breathe. They make me feel pride, accomplishment and most of all, confidence. BB Ties can give you the feeling that all is right and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.