The Fulfillment Collective is a community of mothers who are committed to understanding their life’s meaning in order to find greater joy in work, family, and self-care.

Fulfillment Collective Members are individuals who identify as mothers. Most members join when they are at a crossroads in life and seeking personal development to help navigate these transitions in order to find greater happiness. The Fulfillment Collective continues to provide resources once their transition is behind them so that they can continue to live in line with their life’s Meaning and Purpose. All mothers will find benefits from our trainings, but the moms who want to find maximum joy in each area of their life (work, family, and personal) will experience the biggest impact through this program.

Who Do We Serve?

What Types of Transitions?

Making life decisions as a mother can be extremely complicated and isolating. Some of the decisions we see our members face are in relation to their careers such as making a job change or getting back into the workplace. Transitions are also frequently faced at home with regard to marriages and family dynamics. Some members face transitions in their personal lives in wanting to create healthier lifestyles or find friends who they can be authentic with. All members are facing choices and the Fulfillment Collective helps them navigate these choices in an effective and efficient way that brings greater joy into their lives.
We believe that mothers are the best point of investment. As the saying goes, "When mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy." The ripple effect of one mother's joy first spreads to her immediate family. When she’s in the workplace, her sense of fulfillment can impact her team members and clients. She can then go on to touch the lives of friends and community members. Without a doubt, whatever the state of mind a mom is in, it will most likely be shared with several others. Our mission is for that state of mind to be fulfilled, satisfied, and content so that she can feel joy and happiness which can then be spread throughout her ripple.

The Ripple Effect


The Fulfillment Collective provides tools needed for you to unleash your potential and find greater fulfillment in motherhood. Members first participate in one of the below three trainings. Trainings are 1:1 with a trainer and held virtually. Once members are trained, they have several monthly membership options to continue their journey if they choose.

Training Programs

  • 1. Discover Your Meaning
  • 2. Live Your Purpose
  • 3. Find Fulfillment
“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius
Fulfillment is a state of being that exists right now. And it’s easy to find once you know the tools needed to understand your life’s Meaning. The first tool is our Core Values. Core Values determine what’s important in life, whether at work, in our family, or through self-care. Core Values attract us to the people we admire and serve as a fulfillment meter in life. If we go against them or aren’t giving them the attention they deserve, that’s when we find ourselves unhappy, lost, and unsettled.
The second tool, Character Strengths, are the muscles we have built that form our character. These are also known as our virtues. Character Strengths are engaged each day through regular practice. There are dozens of Character Strengths and while today we may be good at a certain set of them, ten years ago we may have practiced others. By understanding which Character Strengths come easy to us and which are harder to tap into, we can start to focus on the ones needed to get us to where we want to go.
The third tool needed in uncovering Meaning is knowing our Purpose. Our Purpose is the role we enjoy playing and the desired impact that we want to have on others. If we can articulate our Purpose, it helps with making life decisions, particularly in our careers, so much easier.
By the end of 8 weeks, members will receive a digital Fulfillment Toolbox that includes their top Core Values, Character Strengths, Purpose, and a list of personalized identified activities that will immediately bring greater joy into their lives. (8 weeks, $999)
“Happiness is the joy we feel after striving for our potential.” -Aristotle
As mothers, a list of things we “should be” doing drives our daily schedules and, subsequently, creates unnecessary anxiety. “I should be signing my kid up for xyz activity.” “I should be working harder to get a promotion so I can make more money.” “I should be having more sex with my partner.” “I should be working out everyday.” The list goes on and on and on. Unfortunately, we rarely reflect to see if our “should be” activities ultimately help make our lives better. It’s no wonder that everything feels like such a grind and that it takes so much longer to get things done. Planning needs to have intention based on what makes you feel fulfilled. Without intention, activities-driven planning will take you significantly longer to get you to where you want to be.
What if you designed your life so that your to-do list was in line with your life’s Meaning and Purpose? During this training, we will create a Fulfillment Framework for you to establish meaningful focus points for you to accomplish your goals and feel greater joy.
By the end of 12 weeks, members will receive a digital Fulfillment Framework that includes their top Core Values, Character Strengths, Purpose, and clearly defined Focus Points for your work, family, and self-care with a corresponding strategic plan of goals and activities to help make you successful in each. This training also includes one month of Accountability Coaching. (12 weeks; $1,649 )
“A dream without a plan is just a wish.” -Katherine Paterson
As mothers, giving ourselves permission to focus on personal development does not come naturally. It requires intention, goal-setting and accountability. The Fulfillment Collective gives you these tools to find greater satisfaction and joy in motherhood.
This signature training combines the programs Uncover Your Meaning and Living Your Purpose with the opportunity to put your plan into practice. In this training, you will design a roadmap for your life that brings greater fulfillment-- a successful career, anxiety-free motherhood, and generous amounts of self-care. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work with your Trainer to create accountability practices.
By the end of 6 months, members will receive a digital Fulfillment Framework that includes their top Core Values, Character Strengths, Purpose, and clearly defined Focus Points for your work, family, and self-care with a corresponding strategic plan of goals and activities to make you successful in each. Mostly importantly, you will have the opportunity to put these activities into practice for 4 months with the support of a Trainer. (6 months; $2299)


Discover Your Meaning Live Your Purpose Find Fulfillment
8 weeks
12 weeks
6 months
Discover your Core Values
Identify your Character Strengths
Understand your Purpose
Personalized Activities List for Near-term
Focus Points for Work, Family, and Self for Long-term
Strategic Plan to Achieve Each Focus Point
Personalized Weekly Updates to Stay on Track
4 weekly updates
4 weekly updates
16 weekly updates
Accountability Coaching (1-hr each)
1 Session
1 Session
4 Sessions

Membership Options

General Membership

All training participants become Fulfillment Collective Members at no cost. This free membership includes access to discounted Coaching Services and a 30% discount on BB Ties products. If members want to continue their learning through coaching or accountability, they can select one of the options below.

Accountability Membership

In order to continually feel fulfilled, most members benefit from additional accountability activities that help them stay focused on their Meaning and Purpose. Accountability Coaching Members are invited to meet monthly with their Trainer on an individual or group basis in order to receive trusted support as they align their daily activities with their life’s Meaning. Accountability Members also receive personalized weekly update forms as an additional tool to stay on track.
Individual Accountability Membership = $145/month $205/month
Includes 4 personalized weekly updates and a 1-hr coaching session. (Monthly fee is $205. Members can earn up to $60 in Accountability Credit* for a reduced monthly fee of $145.)
Group Accountability Membership (COMING SPRING 2021) = $75/month $135/month 
Includes 4 weekly updates and a 1-hr coaching session with a group of 4 members led by a Trainer. (Monthly fee is $135. Members can earn up to $60 in Accountability Credit* for a reduced monthly fee of $75.)
*How does Accountability Credit work? Each week, members can receive a $15 credit for up to a total of $60 credit per month by completing their weekly update form. Credit is applied to the following month's membership.

Coaching Membership 

Members who choose to continue their journey with coaching services can do so with a Coaching Membership. Fees vary based on the number and length of coaching sessions per month. Coaching sessions meet online virtually or via telephone.


"I'm a self-improvement junky and have been through my fair share of coaches but Brandi is without a doubt, by far the best. She has an uncanny ability to see into the heart of any issue and help you evaluate your next steps with confidence and clarity. Defining my personal values, mission and vision enables me to evaluate each new opportunity with those in mind, meaning I only say yes to those things that will move the needle towards where I want to get to. The cherry on top of this particular cake for me is the weekly accountability process. It's game-changing. It ensures I pick key goals for the week, and makes me evaluate whether I achieved them afterwards. I'm always surprised by how many I get done! I do not suffer fools gladly. I like someone who can get it done quickly, efficiently and really well. Brandi does exactly this."

Verity, Co-founder of Nude Foods Market, Mentor + Mum

May 2020

"The Fulfillment Collective has been an invigorating experience! I had my doubts whether I would have time to complete the journey as a full-time working mom. Also, the process is not always easy since it holds up a mirror that you are not used to looking into. However, Brandis ability to fully engage and put herself in my shoes helped me so much. One of the biggest benefits was giving a name to my top values which has helped me to articulate what I need to focus on in order to find greater happiness. I couldn’t imagine a better coach to experience this with! Brandi is dedicated, educated, experienced and genuinely interested. This makes all the difference. I can only recommend going through a process like this with her as she can not only relate (being a working mom herself), but also has a very professional way of guiding you through your journey."  

Katrin, Vice President of Finance for LodgeWorks + Mom

October 2020

"This program is a game-changer for working moms craving deeper fulfillment in their lives. Taking the time to slow down, go inward, and have Brandi coach me through this process was enjoyable and transformative. Now that Brandi has coached me through this process, I will always have a structure to check in and make sure I am focused on a vision, goals, and activities that align with my values. I have gone through a lot of leadership coaching professionally and defined my values previously, but until this program, I had not brought the same rigor to my personal life and goals. I feel confident that the work Brandi and I did together is bringing me more fulfillment already, and that will only continue to grow as I anchor to my values holistically in all areas of my life. THANK YOU!"

Kate, Senior Director of Sustainability @ Vail Resorts + Mom

June 2020

Meet Brandi Mason, Lead Trainer

Brandi is the Founder and Lead Trainer of BB Ties. After her own journey to understand her life's meaning, she left her job to start a new company, to spend more time with her kids, and to pursue a healthier lifestyle that makes her feel strong. But she didn’t stop there. She took what she learned about strategic planning and sustainable productivity from her career in leadership and brought it into a personal development process in order to make life choices based on what will bring greater joy.
She wants to share with you this process, and promises it will be one of the best investments into your happiness. It doesn’t require you to make huge life changes. It will only make you more strategic about how you spend your time and it will allow you to find greater meaning in your daily activities. In the end, you will have a framework for how you want to be.
Brandi lives in the mountains of Boulder, CO with her husband, two daughters, and pup, Lucky. She holds a B.A. from George Washington University, professional certifications in Managing Teams and Managing Information through the University of Cambridge, and is currently pursuing ICF Coaching Certification.