Individual Training and Coaching Program designed to energize and retain Leaders and High Performers

"Brandi is a passionate, authentic and inspiring leader who is especially qualified to coach in this way. I believe this training is a must have for every leader who wants to be more effective in their role. This investment is essential and will improve all aspects of your organization." ~Gina Marten, Executive Director of Girls in the Know (St. Louis, MO)


Our 1:1 training and coaching programs are designed to motivate and retain leaders and high performers. Individuals will connect with their life's meaning and purpose in order to find alignment with their organization's mission and vision so that they can build confidence to create greater impact and find greater joy in the workplace.

Leadership training, values-aligned coaching, facilitation services, and business development classes are available to leaders and high performers. Please schedule a call to see which is best for you and your organization.


"Brandi has a special talent for engaging strategically at the 10,000ft level and then digging in at ALL the levels to build and execute powerful plans of action and excellence. Her outcomes-focused approach leads to powerful results and her people-centric leadership assures an inclusive, engaged, empowered team." ~Grant Muller, Owner of Spaces Real Estate (Denver and Boulder, CO)

Meet Brandi Mason, Lead Trainer

Brandi Mason is the CEO and Lead Trainer of BB Ties. In addition to a career in investment banking and nonprofit leadership, she is a trained Executive and Positive Psychology Coach, as well as a trained moderator through YPO. She holds a B.A. from George Washington University, has completed management certifications through the University of Cambridge, and has received her coach training through the MentorCoach™ program.
After discovering her life's meaning and purpose, Brandi started BB Ties as a pet project with her teenage nieces in order to create simple reminders of how she wanted to be. Since then, the company has grown to offer trainings and coaching services so that more people can enjoy their own sense of fulfillment and authentic joy.
She wants to share with you her process, and promises it will be one of the best investments into your happiness. It doesn’t require you to make huge life changes. It will only make you more strategic about how you spend your limited time and it will allow you to find greater meaning in your daily activities.
Brandi lives in the mountains of Boulder, CO with her husband, two daughters, and pup, Lucky.